Mario Consiglieri + Anabella Diaz-Hojman

Since 2003 together they have been combining their talents as instructors and performers. They have shared their dance with tango communities all around the world participating in festivals, teaching seminars, and exhibiting their dance in Australia, Canada, Europe, South America and the United States. Mario and Anabella are sought-after as instructors for the clarity with which they convey the history of the dance, as applied into the actual concept of tango today (contemporary tango). Together with several other colleagues they have developed and difused projects in Buenos Aires that have given the contemporary tango (danced in Buenos Aires today) - nutrition and resources to continue healthy and strong.

Since 1998, at the age of 16, Anabella has studied and dance the tango with a dedication found in few dancers. An icon of contemporary tango... Anabella's sublime management of qualities and contrasting subtleties make her an exquisite example of what modern day women represent through their active role as followers and integrated partner in the Argentine Tango danced today all over the world.

A unique blend of rich musical awareness, deep emotional sensitivity, and picaresque nature portray Mario in his true essence as one of the tango worlds great treasures. Mario began to study the tango at the age of 15, and dance socially in 1995. Through insights and suggestions by milongueros now gone, as well as the information analyzed by working through the structure of modern tango, Mario has been able to access a unique style of dance true to the roots of Argentine Tango, though contemporary in it's continuous evolution.

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