Si sos brujo: una historia de tango
(If You Are A Wizzard: A Tango Story)
Documnetary, Argentina, 2005.
Director: Caroline Neal
Cast:  Ignacio Varchausky, Emilio Balcarce, Wynton Marsalis, Pepe Libertella and others.

Description:  A young Argentine musician races to find legendary maestros from tango’s golden age (now men in their 80’s) in order to save the lost oral transmission of style before the secrets of “the real tango” are lost forever. “Si Sos Brujo” follows this dream to create a tango orchestra school, and the relationship between its founder and driving force, the young double bass player Ignacio Varchausky, and the 87-year-old maestro he calls out of retirement to conduct it: the mythic violinist, composer, and bandoneon player Emilio Balcarce.

In this race to recover cultural heritage, Ignacio must convince Emilio Balcarce to return to the rehearsal room. In collaboration with legendary tango figures including Pepe Libertella, Raúl Garello, Néstor Marconi, Ernesto Franco, Julián Plaza, Leopoldo Federico, Atilio Stampone and Víctor Lavallén, Emilio must lead his young students to the very heart of tango, introducing them to its beloved composers, its greatest orchestras, and the unique details of interpretation which give tango its unforgettable flavor.

A movie about the creation of the unique Orquesta Escuela de Tango, featuring also El Arranque and Ramiro Gallo Quintet.


"Talking and playing" - scene with Wynton Marsalis: